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02 Days/01 Night Excursion(Option 2)




On arrival meet & greet by transfer to Udawalawa via Ratnapura.
• Dinner and Overnight stay at hotel in


Welcome to Srilanka! Meet our Sunbird Tour Guide at Bandaranayke International Airport & leave for udawalawa . En-route visit to Ratnapura.This Popular city of Gems in Sri Lanka is situated in the Sabaragamuwa province and also contains very important archeological sites and tourist attractions, Ratnapura is known as the best city for the variety of gemstones in Sri Lanka. The Major gem mining process will take place through out each year and many people from the close by villagers work on these gem pits as Rich businessman recruit them on daily wages basis. The gem mining process is such a hard work as each gem pits excavated from 30 to almost 100 feet’s. Not on all occasions they are successful in getting gemstones, but they keep on excavating until they are able to find gemstones.

This Precious cargo of gems has been deposited in coarse waterborne gravel called illama which ancient streams buried beneath a layer of alluvial Clay. To reach the gem bearing illama, workers must dig through the surface alluvial.The pit ranging in depth from a few feet to 30 or more, is excavated and its walls supported by a framework of stout logs or planks arranged in crisscross fashion. Long poles, Pivoted on scaffolding act as windlasses to hoist the gravel out of the pit, the illama is then placed in basket like sieves with a rotary motion, so that the clay and lighter material are washed away.

The remaining soil has to be hand – picked.After journey continue to Udawalawa. This wild reserve covers an area of 30,821 hectares of land and this icluded the Udawalawe Reseviour. This national park is well known as a transit point for the Baby elephants that were displaced for various recents and been abondad by their parents. You will have the chance to see them bottled fed at aprroximately 15:00 Hrs. Each baby elephant will be fed with 30 Liters of Milk everyday.Many elephants are attracted to the park due to the reseviour and it is believed that this park has the most no of Elephants permenatly. You will also get the chance to see the Sri Lankan Leopards which is from the Felidae family, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Sambar Deer, Sri Lanka Axis Deer, Wild Boar, Water buffoloes, Mongroose and Golden Jackel. This park is also well known for the many species of Birds and Mamals in Sri Lanka.An excellent place for bird watching.Overnight stay at udawalawa Hotel



  • Breakfast at Hotel,
  • Colombo City tour
  • Airport Departure


After breakfast Commence a city tour of Colombo. Visit the largest city in Sri Lanka. It is also the financial and the commercial capital and almost all the major economic activity is centered around the city. Places of interest include century-old Clock Tower, British colonial buildings, the old Parliament in Fort, and Buddhist and Hindu temples, St. Lucia’s Cathedral, Dutch Reformed Church at Wolfendhall Etc. After city tour & Shopping return to Airport




...........End of Tour.............     

The traders from the middle-east used Sri Lanka as an exchange center. The Arab traders came to gather the ivory, the precious stones and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper, which were highly priced in Europe.

Appreciate your quick confirmation to make firm arrangements. We may have to adjust the itinerary when you have fixed flights.

Trust the above is in order and to your satisfactory. If you should require any further information or clarification, please do contact.

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