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Emergency Call

Emergency service numbers are useful to tourists to contact any unexpected incidents happen while they are traveling.On that time these numbers are very helpful for them to contact local emergency departments. An emergency telephone number call may be answered by either a telephone operator or an emergency service dispatcher. The nature of the emergency (police, fire, medical) is then determined. If the call has been answered by a telephone operator, they then connect the call to the appropriate emergency service, who then dispatches the appropriate help. In the case of multiple services being needed on a call, the most urgent need must be determined, with other services being called in as needed.


Shopping in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great place to shop for variety of options ranging from consumable to durable items. Gems, Handicrafts, Garments, Batiks, Tea, and Ayurveda herbal products are popular shopping items among the tourists. Other than those Hand looms fabric materials, leather products, furniture, reproduction of antiques, Jewellery and ceramics are also popular with visitors.


About SriLanka

Sri Lanka (The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) is a South Asian Island commonly known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’.Sri Lanka is an interesting tourist location and the hospitality of the friendly people in the country is the precious point that everyone experiences. Tourists can travel around this magical island within a few days and the choices are unparalleled among so many options of paramount packages which are based on world heritage archaeological sites, wildlife sanctuaries, sunny beaches, hill country, festivals, art and culture, Ayurveda, sports and adventure etc.

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